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Customer Info

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How to place an order on our website:

We hope that our customers will find the Swim Supplies swim shop easy to use - we aim to keep the site simple, so that customers find it easy to use. You are able to shop by category enabling you to quickly & easily find your ideal product, or use our search facility (see below for how to search effectively). When items are available in different sizes and / or colour options please be careful to select the appropriate item from the drop down box before progressing to purchase. You are able to buy multiples of any item once at your basket. If you would like to buy a product in large numbers please contact us to discuss your needs. Postage cost will be calculated automatically based on product weight & size. We ship to UK, Europe & the rest of world.

How to use the Swim Supplies Search Facility:

When using the search box try to be as specific as you can, avoiding general terms or brand names (unless you wan to see all products from a certain brand). If you are looking for your favourite pair of goggles then search for the goggle name alone, NOT the brand name. For example: looking for a pair of Swans SR2M goggles - search for "SR2M".

If you still can't find what you are looking for feel free to call us, we are always happy to help - Tel: 01209 201001

How to make an order over the phone:

Simply call us on: 01209 201001 with details of the products you would like to order (Brand, Model name, Colour & size options), and we can take payment using any major credit / debit card over the phone using Handepay Merchant services.

Custom Printed Swim Caps
Wicked Wednesdays


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